Sam and his 9



It took me two years to build my plane working mostly by myself. 

I started out with a partner, but due to health problems he did not feel that he would be able to fly a high performance airplane.  He has a Cherokee 180. I  let him fly left seat as soon as I finished phase one flight testing.  He agrees with me that it is easier to fly than the Cherokee.

First flight was on 8-15-02.  I now have 38 hours on it [Sept 9,2002] and I am really enjoying it.  Made a trip from Michigan to  Moscow, Tn. averaging 180 mph ground speed both ways.

I am getting 180 mph ground speed on my GPS.  At 80 mph and full throttle I can maintain 1500 ft per min climb through 6000ft, that is with just me and full fuel. I weigh 155 lbs. Best glide speed is 80mph. no flaps it descends 500ft per min.

I have a new Lycoming 0320-D1A 160 hp and a Sensenich 70CM7S9-0-80 metal prop. Empty weight with 7 quarts of oil is 1076lbs.