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Arrives - Feb 21, 2002
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  Kelly Johnson's RV9 pics  

Kelly Johnson was kind enough to share these pictures of his recent journey to Van's, I've included his email comments and the pics should make you drool!  These are some really great pics so from the rest of us Kelly...THANKS!!!

"...that trip to Van's was quite a religious experience for all of us that went.  I think that of the 4 of us that went, 3 of us will be ordering tail kits by years end.  2 of us are interested in the 9As, 1 in the 7, and one, Gregg, completed an RV-4 tail in 1991.  He's excited that the rest of the kit is now pre-punched so I think he now has the motivation to continue his construction.

"...I didn't take any [pics] while I was flying.  I was too busy hanging on as Ken from Van's put that baby on her side."

"...There's a picture of 3 of us in front of Van's.  I'm the SF Giants fan on the right.  There is another picture of me with my back to my brown Aeronca Sedan walking towards the RV.  Is there a hidden message here?"

Kelly Johnson

San Jose, CA