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Arrives - Feb 21, 2002
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The garage - er shop...   One of the main reasons I decided not to build the Cozy Mark IV now (which I own the plans too) is the lack of suitable building space that was temperature controlled. Ok Jan didn't buy the idea of doing epoxy, sanding, fiberglass, sanding, cutting, sanding and sanding in the house. This left the garage. Of course I still needed to park the car's in the garage during the building process so everything needed to remain flexible. This of course was one of the important points that led to the great RV decision.

What about the garage? What shape was it in? As a matter of fact the garage...er shop was overgrown with junk...er important stuff that's stored in an unorganized manner which I may, during a later life time, actually need. Ok, time to turn in the 'real man card' and take some of this 'stuff' out to the garbage dump...er long term storage facility.

I called out a electric service to give me an estimate on beefing up my electrical situation in the garage. I had a wimpy light in the middle of a tall ceiling and two outlets on the front wall. I wanted HO (High Output) fluorescents in the ceiling and 2 quads (an outlet box with 4 plugs) on each of the three walls. Well they gave me the estimate of over $1000. I smiled and told them I'd call back when I was ready. So where does that leave me. Time to either hit Home Depot or run a bunch of extension cords through the house and into the garage.

I went to Home Depot and bought two of the light fixtures for $45 a piece and 100' ft of romex to hook it up. Ok about $125.00 versus that portion of the estimate for the same thing at $381. This may work. I'm not quite sure how gutsy I'll get about hooking up the quads. I may set them up, run the wiring and let an electrician hook it to the panel. I wonder what that'd cost???? It looks like in the end I could add another 4 HO lights in the ceiling but two will be a start.

Actually here it is time to start building, the empennage kit has arrived and I don't even have the lights mounted yet. One work bench still needs to be put together and the one that is put together needs to be rolled from the breakfast area to the garage. Time to get to work - the rivet gun and cleco's are calling!