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Arrives - Feb 21, 2002
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The practice session   The practice session really started on Friday night after Jan's folks had a long drive in from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Even after 10.5 hours on the road and dealing with Dallas traffic on a Friday night (March 1, 2002) Bill was ready to start work right away...and so were we!

Thankfully, Bill has plenty of experience building things, so much of what we needed to do came second nature to him. We followed his suggestions and learned from his techniques. Thanks Bill ! Are you really sure you have to go back to Santa Fe ???

The ice storm and incredibly cold temperatures did not stop anyone. Even though the thermometer hovered around 20 degrees everyone kept pressing on. No there is no heat in the garage. Talk about a dedicated crew!

None of the pictures have me in there though I really did an equal amount. I was the picture guy for the practice session. Unfortunately I got really caught up actually doing things towards the end and didn't get any pictures of the final stages of the practice kit. This included rolling the skin and pop-riveting the two ends together.

Note : The garage is still one area that needs work. It turns out the all of the outlets in the garage and the lights are on the same circuit. So when the compressor is running I can't really afford to use any other tools which require electricity. I have not yet mounted the high output lights but I know this will definitely put me over the edge and popping the circuit breaker. I'll have to do something about that soon. 

See the pictures below:



Bill practicing his riveting technique