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Aircraft Extra's - Including Meske Tip-up Slider Canopy Mod + More
Fabian Lefler's Great Modular Instrument Panel

Brian Fillman's Great Center Console for the RV6-7-9
The Incredible DRDT dimpler - FORGET THE C FRAME!
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Sam Benjamin's 9
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Bill Jaques Subie Pwr'd RV9A
Bob Cuttings RV9A


Home Page  The primary purpose of this web site is to document our progress and processes of building a Van's RV9/RV9A aircraft.  To see the latest work in progress click on the 'Latest Work' link at the left.

Our garage/shop/hanger started out in Plano Texas.  That's north of Dallas in suburbia land.  The home of our hearts is in New Mexico where we have now moved to.

We do have other interests as well as building aircraft and as we find the time we will attempt to document those other fun things as well. 

Our travels links will attempt to document our diversions from the aircraft building process.

Ok, so there have been a lot of diversions from building - like usual mostly life.  A move and a new job top the list.  Also, settling into that great laid back southwestern life style!


Larry Westbrooks latest creation. - Photo provided with MUCH thanks from Don Hull!!!

Latest pic of RV9 demonstrator

A picture of the RV9/9A kit with the finished RV9A in the background

RV9A looking snarky!

RV9A demonstartor parked

RV9A demonstrator in flight

RV9A warming up

RV9A in flight formation with an RV8A

Bill Darmitzel inspecting the canopy of the RV9A demonstrator.

160hp-0320, sensenich prop, KLX135A, KT76A, EIS.

Original builder - Mark Koenig

Bob Cutting's RV9A

Wait a minute, how did that get there?

See 'Our Boxster' Link on the left

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This web site is best viewed with IE6+.  I've tried to be backwards compatible to Netscape 4.6 as required by Van's web-site.  Some of the functionality of this site will not work to it's best advantage with older versions of Netscape even though I've tried.  You should however be able to view the site with even the older versions of Netscape.


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