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 Central Texas Flyin 2003

Another great flyin!  To quote Larry Pardue's keen observation and great words

"...I don't know who all contributed to the Scott fly-in this year, but I appreciate Mike and Bonnie Anderson, and Phil and Anne Gresham very much.  Phil has been having some medical problems, but seemed to be enjoying the event from a gold cart. The volunteer controller was excellent. It is apparent that many people helped prepare the field and helped with parking, cooking and serving. One guy was telling me about all the Chiggers he got, cutting grass. Thank you also to extraordinary promoter Doug Reeves. I do hope this fly-in under the trees continues. It is unique..."

You just can't put on something of this magnitude and so much fun without a lot of hands pitching in and helping out.  To all the unsung helping hands - THANK YOU!!!!  There were many fine birds there that I didn't get pictures of and some more pictures coming.

As usual - click on the small pictures to see a bigger picture.  Resolution reduced to facilitate quicker download speeds for you dialup folks.

Under the shade of the mesquite trees...

The Tru-Trak 9

The panel of the Tru-Tak 9 with all of their mounted auto pilot's

Yes that's a Dynon EFIS!

Ok I spent far too much time with my mouth hanging open while a formation of 10 tightly packed RV's flew overhead in various formations

You just gotta love this plane - Jan want's one!

Jan checking out this 6

Yes it was here last year from Tulsa and still looks great! Jan approves.

The Tulsa tail!

I was so impressed looking at this Eggenfeller that I totally missed the fact that this was Larry Perryman's 9 from Conroe Texas!

Smack me silly and thanks to Rayburn Brooks for pointing out the error of my ways 8-)

Another look at the subie - gee why didn't I look closer????

What a rocket! "Mark Frederick had his outrageous new F1 Rocket with a steeply raked windscreen and MIG paint job..." - Larry Pardue.

Yes Larry but did you see the incredible baggage space - from behind the seat all the way to the end of the tail! Nicly finished out too!

One great paint job after another~

In the spirit of 9-11 was another beautiful paint job

Love that smile!

Ok I really liked this one too

Here it is in the 'total' view

Standing under the mesquite trees - a typical scene

A fun kind of bird strike.

An interesting way to visually cover a cowl bump!

Wait is that an RV14? No it's only a Cessna 140...

I'd like to know how much this helped the slow end!

There is definitely a science to this but wait - that's not all...

More wing/fence/etc modifications

A spade on the fuse above the leading edge

Ah the control tower - these gracious volunters hung out high above the ground most of the day.

Note the runway lineup under the mesquite trees (seems to be a pattern occuring here).


I still marvel at the incredible amount of work that goes into one of these beauties. No tab A into slot B here!

Ahhh...under the shade of the....

Jan like the checkerboard on this tail

nice from any angle

Walked back over to the car to get some more water from the cooler and look what I found parked next to me, under the shade of the ...

This was one beautiful bird with really incredible workmanship

The tail


Interesting shade patterns under the...